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Help Understanding Mortgage Contracts

Establishing equity through homeownership is important to financial planning. The mortgage contract is an integral component of this process, as most people lack the resources for outright cash purchases. The mortgage contract specifies repayment terms as well as escrow account provisions. Mortgage companies manage escrow accounts on your behalf, from which they make critical payments for property taxes and mortgage and homeowner’s insurance. Familiarize yourself with these mortgage contract provisions and you will be a more informed consumer. read more

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Out of the Ashes

After a record number of wildfires, intrepid homeowners are rebuilding with an array of fire-resistant materials, design and landscaping, like polished concrete floors, aluminum-framed windows and river rock beds: the ‘no-wood’ mantra. read more

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3 ways to set buyer expectations for a smooth offer process

In an industry where Murphy’s Law seems to reign supreme, anything that can go wrong most certainly will. Unfortunately, some of the shows on television paint a picture for home purchasers that they will look at three homes, pick the one they want and — “Lights, camera, action!” — they are happily moved into their new home and get it for the price they want … read more

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How do I Understand Flood Insurance?

It only takes a few inches of floodwater to cause damage to a home than can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars. But because basic homeowners insurance specifically excludes property damage or loss related to rising floodwaters, some homeowners must also purchase flood insurance. This affords a homeowner protection to cover losses caused by the peril of rising waters outside of the home, particularly if the home is located in an area known for being a flood risk. read more

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Drones Offer Promise in Real Estate—Once Rules are Out

The excitement around drones is increasing and for good reason: the technology is steadily getting to the point where commercial applications are increasingly possible, including for use in marketing real estate. Being able to hoist a camera on a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, has the potential to be a cost-effective way to get dramatic […] read more